AGL - Antvis graphical library

1  Introduction

AGL is a platform independent, OpenGL based C++ library for 2D/3D curve plotting. The idea was to provide an simple interface to the OpenGL graphical pipeline together with simple GUI. The library was originally designed for online visualization of data coming from AnT1(simulation and analysis tool for dynamical systems) but it also can be used for visualization of external data or as a C++ wrapper for GLUT. The library provides a some classes for continuous visualization, including a thread-safe cyclic buffer, 2D/3D curves, surface with auto coloring and cameras with automatic positioning. For GUI elements AGL uses the GLUI library made by Paul Rademacher 2. Since GLUI wasn't updated for a long time, I included a (slightly modified) copy of the latest version 2.1 in AGL repository.

I would like to thank Felix Berger for his help with makefiles, threads and for his ideas. I also would like to thank Anatoli Steinhauer for contribution of "arrow" code. And very special thanks go to the members of the Non-Linear Dynamics Group from the Department of Image Understanding at the University of Stuttgart.

2  Requirements

To compile and use the AGL under you need GCC. Under Windows you can use Cygwin/GCC or other C++ compiler. You will also need OpenGL, GLU and GLUT libraries if they are not already installed on your system. For threads and mutexes you will need pthread library (if compiled with GCC). If compiled with C++ compiler under Windows, no pthread library is needed. In this case the Windows API will be used instead.



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